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Cursus: NWI-NM086B
Master Thesis Project Physics and Astronomy, Research variant
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)60
CategorieMA (Master)
Aangeboden doorRadboud Universiteit; Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica; Wiskunde, Natuur- en Sterrenkunde;
VorigeVolgende 5
prof. dr. W.J.P. Beenakker
Overige cursussen docent
dr. S. Caron
Overige cursussen docent
dr. A.T.J.B. Eppink
Overige cursussen docent
prof. dr. H.D.E. Falcke
Overige cursussen docent
prof. dr. N. de Groot
Overige cursussen docent
JAAR  (29-08-2016 t/m 03-09-2017)
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At the start of the Master's programme, the student is expected to contact the advisor of the specialisation of interest (see the table given below) to select a thesis supervisor.

In the first half year the student is expected to follow courses to prepare for the thesis research. After that, the thesis project can be commenced. While the thesis work is being performed, the student still takes courses, usually the most advanced ones. Students are in particular encouraged to also have discussions about this material with the members of the department in which they are embedded.

The student should register to the applicable master thesis course in Osiris (see below). This will grant access to the relevant blackboard course containing three assignments to monitor the planning and progress of the project. The first assignment is the project planning and should be finished in consultation with the supervisor at the start of the project. The second and third assignments are the intermediate and final evaluation.

Every specialisation has its own course code:

  • NWI-NM086C Physics of Molecules and Materials
  • NWI-NM086D Particle and Astrophysics
  • NWI-NM086E Neuroscience

The procedure for assessing the master's thesis results is more stringent than the procedure for assessing other study components. The report is read by the graduation supervisor and a second staff member. The procedure is as follows:

  • The graduation supervisor (supervising professor) is responsible for the dissertation and mark
  • The graduation supervisor nominates a scientific staff member from outside his/her branch of learning as a second assessor, by letter or e-mail to the secretariat of the institute, at least 5 weeks before the date on which the mark is to be submitted
  • The secretariat of the institute communicates the nomination to the chairman of the examination committee or, in case the chairman is not present, to the secretary or other deputy designated by the chairman
  • When approved, the nomination will be communicated by letter or e-mail to the graduation supervisor
  • The dissertation will be submitted to the second assessor at least 3 weeks before the date on which the mark should be known
  • The second assessor will have 10 working days to assess the work placement results
  • Within those 2 weeks, the graduation supervisor will inform the second assessor of the mark awarded for the work placement
  • Within those 10 days, the second assessor will state whether or not he/she agrees with the mark given
  • If the second assessor does not agree with the mark given, this will be reported to the graduation supervisor and the secretariat of the institute
  • The secretariat will keep anonymous records of the dissertations the second assessor has assessed otherwise
  • The graduation supervisor and second assessor will jointly determine the final mark. In the event that they cannot come to an agreement, the graduation supervisor will determine the mark and will report the matter to the examination committee
The research departments are:

Particle and Astrophysics

• Experimental High-Energy Physics
• Theoretical High-Energy Physics
• Astrophysics

Physics of Molecules and Materials

• Applied Materials Science
• Electronic Structure of Materials
• Molecular and Biophysics
• Molecular and Laser Physics
• Molecular Structure and Dynamics
• Scanning Probe Microscopy
• Soft Condensed Matter Science and High Magnetic Fields
• Spectroscopy of Solids and Interfaces
• Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics


• Biophysics
Grade regristration: A testimonium can be obtained at the student administration desk.

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