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Course module: NWI-I00136
Privacy Seminar
Course infoSchedule
Course moduleNWI-I00136
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryMA (Master)
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byRadboud University; Faculty of Science; Informatica en Informatiekunde;
dr. J.H. Hoepman
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dr. J.H. Hoepman
Other course modules lecturer
Contactperson for the course
dr. J.H. Hoepman
Other course modules lecturer
M.E. Koning, LLM
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2017
KW3-KW4  (05/02/2018 to 02/09/2018)
Starting block
Course mode
RemarksStudents for whom the course is compulsory in their programme have first access.
Registration using OSIRISYes
Course open to students from other facultiesYes
Waiting listNo
Placement procedureIn order of Study programme
ExplanationIn order of Study programme
  • Student knows and understands the legal principles underlying data protection, and knows how to apply them. 
  • Student knows the state of the art in privacy enhancing technologies, and is aware of their limitations when applied in practice.
  • Student can apply some of these PETs to solve a specific problem, and can argue the extent of which this solution actually solves the problem.
  • Student can perform applied scientific research in a group of 2-3 persons.
  • Student can formulate a scientific research question and relate this to the larger societal context
  • Student can efficiently give a lecture on a selected topic for 45 minutes.
  • Student can write a readable and technically sound paper on another selected topic, and is able to clearly express and support his own point of view.
Privacy has always been a controversial topic. Governments and business want to collect information about their citizens and customers - for their own benefit as well their clients. In surveys, people claim that they value their privacy. In practice, people give away personal information very easily, either because they do not receive a service otherwise, or because they are unable to protect that information reliably. With the calls for ever increasing security - after the events of the last few years - privacy has eroded even further, it seems.
In this seminar we will explore the state of the art in privacy enhancing technologies (PET), and discuss theories (technical, legal and societal) of privacy.
Selected scientific publications; see course webpage.
Teaching formats

• 32 hours lecture
• 136 hours individual study period

Extra information teaching methods: For this seminar, a handful of topics has been selected, and key scientific publications for each of these topics are provided. To participate, and to complete the seminar successfully, you have to do the following.

• Attend all lectures.
• Give a 2 hour lecture on a topic of your choice.
• Prepare a final paper on a different topic of your choice.
• Act as a referee for the final paper of another student.
The topics for the presentation and the student paper will be discussed and distributed among students during the first lecture.
Additional comments
For more information refer to the course website,
Privacy, anonymity, mixnets, voting, legal and societal theories of privacy.
Test information
Consists of 2 parts:

- Giving a 2 hour presentation
- Writing a research paper

The final grade is determined by a weighted average of the grades on these parts, provided that all grades are larger than or equal to a 5.5
Students should have succesfully completed the Cryptography course.
Required materials
Selected scientific publications; see course webpage.
Instructional modes
Attendance MandatoryYes


Test weight1
OpportunitiesBlock KW4, Block KW4

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